Mira Tanguera - VerticalDancingNet


An extraordinary and unique areial acrobatics performance.


Inspired by Argentinian tango, this passionate dance quickly twists into the vertical.


During this act, VerticalDancingNet is not only an unusual and versatile requisite but transforms into a confident dancing partner.


Who claims, tango always needs a solid base?

From now on it spins in dizzy hight above the dance floor up in 'buenos aires' - the good air.


On tour with the graduate show 'on the road in Germany and Switzerland.

- shows take place from 2nd july to 20th september -

Find out actual dates and see the video trailer on: www.absolventenshow.de


Please contact me for additional information.



for your occasion:

Welcome to 2018! This is the moment to make plans for next season...


At your private or business event, opening ceremony or anniversary celebration, wedding or professional show production - contact me to impress your guests with a beautiful and haunting Aerial-Tango-Show.




-> Galery and Video



- ceiling heiht at least 5 meters

- bearing load minimum 250 kilogram

- audio equipment